Men's Woollen Jerseys, Hoodies, Singlets and Tshirts

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At MKM Originals we pride ourselves on being one of New Zealand's oldest standing manufacturers. We produce a variety of woolen garments for different occasions such as workwear, lifestyle and hunting. You can read about our manufacturing process here. The suitability of each item we manufacture depends on personal style, need and climate.

Half Zip Jerseys
The half zip design provides the ability to adjust ventilation and airflow by opening or closing the zipper, making it suitable for activities with changing intensity or weather conditions. Our popular half zip jerseys include the Tasman, Windbreaker, Marlborough, North Wester and Original.

Hoodies are typically made from warm and cozy materials, making them perfect for cooler weather or lounging indoors. The hood provides additional coverage and protection for the head and neck, shielding them from cold winds or light rain. Our most popular hoodie is the Extreme.

Singlets and Tshirts
Our singlets and tshirts are made from lightweight and breathable materials, allowing for maximum airflow and ventilation, making them ideal for high-intensity activities or hot weather. Our Active Singlets and Tshirts are made from 100% Merino and our Classic Singlets and Tshirts are made from 100% Wool.

Jerseys are designed to provide warmth and insulation during colder weather. They are often made from thicker materials like wool or knitted fabrics. Sweaters can be layered over other garments for added warmth or paired with a shirt or t-shirt for a stylish and cozy outfit. Our popular jerseys include the Ultimate and Backyard.