The Manufacturing Process

Sourcing the Wool

Our Wool is sourced locally from a variety of farms across New Zealand. MKM carefully select suppliers ensuring that they demonstrate best practice throughout the procurement and processing of all animal fibres and they comply with all relevant legal legislation and requirements including responsible, ethical and human techniques.

Spinning the Yarn

MKM partner with Woolyarns who successfully spin our wool into high quality woolen spun yarns. All yarns are manufactured with human environmental production in mind, with no harmful chemical substances present, ensuring that they meet European Union REACH standards.

Manufacturing the Garment

All products are manufactured out of our Knitting Mill in Palmerston North. MKM have an experienced, highly skilled team that prides themselves on quality and perfection. All garments go through a 3 point quality check before they enter the market place.

The Finished Product

Just another great quality garment, designed and made in New Zealand ready for dispatch, just for you! As original as it gets.