Our Blends

Our Blends

A unique double layer system has been developed to help you maintain your optimum body temperature (36.6) in any situation. Products using our dual layer system are high performance, and designed to suit an active, outdoor lifestyle.

We use our double layer knitting technique in a variety of different yarn blends to suit any climate or activity:

All our 36.6 Woollen products are manufactured using 100% New Zealand Wool.


New Zealand Pure Wool and Eco Blend:

Hardwearing and heavyweight for ultimate outdoor performance

Outer: 100% New Zealand Pure Wool

Lining: 65% NZ Wool, 25% Possum, 10% Nylon


Possum and Polypropylene Blend:

Durable and warm in all environments, but light in weight to wear.

39% Polypropylene, 21% Possum, 34% Merino, 6% Nylon


Lambswool and Polypropylene Blend:

Ideal for year-round use in all weather conditions 35% Polypropylene, 65% Lambswool


Eco Blend

Ecoblend yarn is created using fibre fluff that is normally discarded during the yarn manufacturing process. We have collected and respun these fibres to create an entirely new yarn with exceptional properties. It’s an innovation that has turned production waste into premium yarn that combines the best characteristics of its component fibres.

25% Recycled Possum Fibre, 60% Natural Fibres - Silk, Wool, Angora, 15% Nylon.


Possum Merino

Having a hollow fibre, possum fur is lighter and warmer in weight than other natural fibres. Blending with high quality merino, a silky fibre is produced that is soft and comfy. Our specialised blends are light to wear, ideal for the outdoors, withstand freezing temperatures and is pill resistant.

Exclusive Premium Blend:        70% Superfine Merino, 20% Possum Fur, 10% Silk

Essential Blend:                          60% Merino, 30% Possum Fur, 10% Nylon


100% New Zealand Wool

All our 100% wool products are manufactured using New Zealand wool. Wool is one of the most effective natural forms of all-weather protection. It has a naturally high UV resistance, is flame retardant, and can regulate body temperature by absorbing and releasing moisture away from the body. Wool is ideal for year-round comfort – never too hot, never too cold. The fibres resilience ensures garments keep their easy-care quality for years.


Wool/Nylon Blend

Our Wool/Nylon blend is designed for the hardwearing and practice workwear range. The Wool to keep you warm, the Nylon to ensure a hardwearing garment that is designed to last.

65% Wool   35% Nylon


100% Pure Merino

Our Pure Merino blends range from 21 to 26 micron, which are used in both the Active and Classic Tees. Both blends are designed to ensure comfort and warmth.