By Sam the Trap Man - Hamiora Gibson

Pulling on a Tasman on a cold day is like arriving back at the hut in the dark after an hour long carry down treacherous, swollen winter rivers to find your mate has the fire roaring and a hot stew in the camp oven.

Its that homely warmth reminiscent of your mothers hot chocolate chip cookies, of sipping whiskey in the evening or slipping a hot water bottle in your sleeping bag when your mates not looking to avoid being called soft.

The Tasman is the swiss army knife of jerseys and I can guarantee it’ll replace your current favourite. Smart enough to go to dinner in and hard wearing enough for the bush. 

Things I Like


- It's 100% wool.

- It's 100% New Zealand Made.

- It's soft enough for the Mrs not to find it itchy (I just had to buy her one too).

- Yet it's strong enough not to worry about thrashing it in the bush.

- The collar is super high which keeps the wind from your neck.

- The dual layer construction means the wind doesn't blow through it like other jerseys, not bad for a cold day on the tops.

- It comes in 6 colours so you and your mates don’t have to be in uniform.

- The price won’t break the bank.


I’ve been wearing mine for the last 6 months. Its kept its shape and hasn’t got any holes even after several weeks in the bush. It would be fair to say that its a little bulkier than a fleece jersey but the comparison in warmth and comfort is worth every gram. The Tasman is with me on every overnight trip these days and knowing its sitting waiting for me on the front seat of the ute is a comforting feeling on winter day trips.